The European building sector is at this moment not able to offer an integral solution for deep renovation toward nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) for reasonable costs. The building process is typically based on a ‘layered’ structure, with many labour actions on the buildings site, with many sub disciplines involved, leading to extra costs and failure risks. Due to the long-lasting renovation process and the failure risks during this process, customers hesitate to renovate their property.

MORE-CONNECT tries to solve this problem by developing prefabricated, multifunctional renovation elements for the total building envelope (façade and roof) and installation/building services. These elements can be combined, selected and configured by the end-user, based on his specific needs. This information can be used as input into advanced Building Information Modelling systems to control and steer the further production process of these elements. In this way unique series of one can be made in a mass production process for the same reduced price of mass production.

The 4th issue of MORE-CONNECT newsletter is out! You can download it: click here.


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Estonian TV station broadcasting the MORE-CONNECT approach

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National on-site trainings

National on-site trainings will be launched in October 2017. Description of national training modules will be ready soon.

4th issue of MORE-CONNECT Newsletter is out!

The 4th newsletter summarizes technical data for  pilot building in Chechia. This building was built in 1958 as a part […]

Successful MORE-CONNECT and P2Endure joint workshop

Productive joint workshop of two H2020 projects MORE-CONNECT and P2Endure held on March 29th. During the workshop both projects’ partners […]

3rd issue of MORE-CONNECT Newsletter is out!

3rd edition of the MORE-CONNECT Newsletter gives you an insight into MORE-CONNECT Estonian pilot building. You can download the Newsletter […]