Final Publishable Report

MORE-CONNECT final publishable result 

Technology Development

  1. Initial Performance Criteria. 
  2. A Set of basic modular facade and roof elements including renewable energy production and integration of HP insulation. 
  3. Modular prefab integrated HVAC units (MORE-CONNECT engines). 
  4. A set of smart Plug & Play connectors
  5. Advanced Controls for the modular elements

Concept development and system integration

  1. Overview of main building types in 4 EU regions and classifications of suitability for different prefab facade renovation configurations. 
  2. Tool to optimize the combined energy materials performance of the alternative configurations in relation to local typologies. 
  3. Production and construction specifications with regards to load bearing and connecting elements in the renovation situations of facades and roofs
  4. Tool for optimal roof element shapes and orientations, in respect of maximum energy generation and architecture. 
  5. Guide of material alternatives in relation to reuse and the combined energy and materials prefab element impacts. 
  6. Platforms for aesthetic configurations and user/ owner options within the basic elements configuration and within performance criteria. 
  7. Sets of embedded integrated control systems. 
  8. Guide with concepts of renovation packages for different types of building. 

Production and process innovation

  1. Advanced Geomatics. 
  2. Digitised tool for modelling building and performance characteristics and end-user needs. 
  3. BIM application to steer and control the production process. 

The MORE-CONNECT demonstration and pilots

  1. Preparations for the pilots including permits. 
  2. Specifications of design process
  3. Prototypes of prefabricated modular renovation elements for markets in: The Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Portugal. 
  4. Realization of 5 pilot sites. 
  5. Realization of 2 Real life lab environments for in deep testing of basic modules and special features. 
  6. Evaluation report of quality of construction works. 
  7. Monitoring reports of the pilot sites and the lab environments. 
  8. Monitoring report of inhabitants involvement and experience. 
  9. Report with analyses of the total renovation processes in the pilots. 

Market and replication

  1. Pre-selection of favourable concepts to market. 
  2. Final selection of favourable concepts based on LCA. 
  3. Models for a one-stop-shop concept including a system of performance control and guaranteed energy cost proposition.