Theoretical self-learning content

Theoretical self-learning content was launched in May 2017.

MORE-CONNECT theoretical self-learning content training is based on the EU IEE IDES-EDU and PROF/TRAC projects’ specific learning modules. Our team has preselected the most relevant modules which are closely related to the MORE-CONNECT modular retrofitting approach. Preselected modules include lead professionals’ presentations on active heating/cooling technologies, commissioning, BIM, renewable energy sources etc. These materials include description of existing experience as well as provision of system design and sizing guidance.

[1] Building-Information-Modelling-and-Interoperability.pdf

[2] Commissioning_control_and_measures_in_ventilation.pdf

[3] Community-energy-systems.pdf

[4] Design-and-Analysis.pdf

[5] Domestic-water-heating.pdf

[6] Evaporative-cooling.pdf

[7] Ground-heat-exchangers-for-air-pre-heating-and-pre-cooling.pdf

[8] Heat-Distribution-Network.pdf

[9] Photovoltaics-PV.pdf

[10] Sizing_mechanical_ventilation_system.pdf

[11] Solar-assisted-cooling.pdf

[12] Solar-collectors.pdf

[13] Whole-Building-Design-Simulation-Tools.pdf

In addition to before mentioned lectures anyone is welcome to visit PROF/TRAC project web-page for more learning materials  – http://proftrac.eu/training-materials.html. All available materials are free to use and provide results of two EU H2020 projects: PROF/TRAC and IDES-EDU.