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Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Call 2016


Title: Plug-and-Play product and process innovation for Energy-efficient building deep renovation

P2Endure aims to provide scalable, adaptable and ready-to-implement prefabricated Plug-and-Play (PnP) systems for deep renovation of building envelopes and technical systems. These innovative solutions are applicable to transform non-functioning or sub-optimal public and historic buildings into dwellings and are applicable for the widest range of building typologies, i.e. public buildings, residential buildings, and transformation projects. The main innovation of P2Endure comprises PnP prefab systems enabled by 3D printing, laser and thermal scanning integrated with Building Information Model (BIM). The promoted solutions are SME-driven and geared to rapid and low-disturbance on-site assembly processes for deep renovation. P2Endure presents a proof-of-performance of the optimised PnP renovation techniques by implementing 10 large-scale and live demonstration projects that represent the main deep renovation typologies and real market demand in 4 EU geo-clusters.

Project website: http://www.p2endure-project.eu/

Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Call 2014


Title: New Easy to Install and Manufacture PRE-Fabricated Modules Supported by a BIM based Integrated Design ProceSS

IMPRESS aims at developing three different prefabricated panels for buildings. Innovative nano/micro particle based coatings, suitable for 3D printing, will be also studied to achieve anti-corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, improved solar reflectance, improved ageing resistance and anti-vandalism properties. To create the panels, an innovative manufacturing process will be proposed. The overall manufacturing process will (i) allow for mass production of panels, which take into account complex architectural and aesthetic issues, (ii) allow for faster production while lowering prefabrication costs and (iii) develop new controlled and cost effective solutions. The final results will be demonstrated on two existing buildings where final as-built product performance will be validated against the initial design.

Project website: http://www.project-impress.eu/


Title: Building energy renovation through timber prefabricated module

The project aims to develop pre-fabricated timber modules to be used on the energy refurbishment of buildings. The modules will include insulation, HVAC services and renewable generation. The innovation aspect of the action is concentrated on the fabrication process, the integration of the different products and the installation on-site. An added value is the use of environmentally friendly materials (e.g. timber). The project includes demonstration activities.

Project website: http://www.bertim.eu


REFURB is a consortium of 13 partners and a number of cooperators in a project exceeding borders in EU, to inspire homeowners to move a step further with their energy renovations and achieve zero energy renovation. Easy, economical and efficient. REFURB gives an overview in a one-stop-shop model and establishes local partnerships and energy solutions close to consumers in the participating countries.

Project website: http://www.go-refurb.eu/

FP7 Call 2012


Title: RetroKit – Toolboxes for systemic retrofitting

RetroKit will develop and demonstrate multifunctional, modular, low cost and easy to install prefabricated modules, integrating efficient energy use systems and RES for systemic retrofitting of residential buildings. Aiming at external retrofitting concepts with an integration of internal renovation aspects, semi-prefabricated technological solutions will be clustered in a “RetroKit Toolbox” supported by a decision support system that provides data, transparency on payback,…

Project website: http://www.retrokitproject.eu

IEE Call


Title: Sustainable Roof Extension Retrofit for High-Rise Social Housing in Europe

This project has resulted in energy savings by promoting cutting-edge technology with roof-top retrofitting. Tailor-made guidelines have been developed, including small scale renewable energy installations. The SuRE-FIT approach can trigger improvements across Europe in terms of energy performance, financial resources, building areas and refurbishment methods.

Project website: http://www.demobv.nl/EU_Projects_SureFit (project 2007-2008)



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Huygen Installatie Adviseurs B.V.

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Riga Technical University

Tallinn University of Technology

Czech Technical University in Prague

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Universida do Minho

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RD Rýmařov s. r. o.

REF Ehitustööd OÜ

AS Matek

Timmerfabriek Webo



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