Building typology

The Latvian pilot project is two storey silicate brick building located in the City of Cesis. Case building is a typical brick multi apartment building built in 1967. There are four apartments with total heated area of 200m2.  This type of building is very common in rural areas and small cities across the Latvia. Relatively small scale of case building allows testing of new retrofitting approach while minimizing construction risks/failures. However, significant number of the similar buildings in Latvia will allow further replication of developed retrofitting approach. The positive results will provide background for such modular retrofitting in larger prefabricated concrete panel buildings.

Typical problems

Non-insulated building envelope and heating system distribution pipe. High air leakage rate of building envelope. Low thermal comfort in winter cause by low temperature of internal surfaces as well as overheating in summer. Insufficient ventilation rate. Natural ventilation without regulation possibilities. Mold growth on external corners.

Project Steps

Review of Latvia retrofitting works is  available here: